Shock is a term indicative of Barbara Kruger’s body of work. An individuals’ initial confrontation with a piece of her art is direct and striking as her superimposition of “We, You, I” statements on images establishes a social commentary directed towards the viewer. Akin to the resonating shockwaves after the onset of an earthquake, the shock from Kruger’s statement invokes a series of reverberations - an individual’s internal processing of the statement’s implications and their orientation towards it. 
As the museum was to be a space for Kruger to display her works, the intention of the design followed suit with this experience: to instigate an architectural intervention that would grant Kruger the ability to transmit her shock to a broad audience. 
In its adjacency to the Four Seasons pavilion (item 2), the shearing language provided the basis for this intervention upon the museum. Thus, this extension became a means of disrupting the primary typology of its surroundings (monumental and rectilinear) and of amplifying the individuals’ internal experience with her work inside the galleries. 
Graduate Studio III,  Fall 2018                                                                                                                        Critic: Barbara Ambach
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