The corner of 14th and Lawrence street, an open lot attached to the entrance of the Four Seasons Hotel in Denver, CO, intersects the flow of public movement to an array of significant cultural, natural, and social moments within downtown. As owner of the property, the Four Seasons had requested a pavilion that would serve as a private event space with a bar and storage, that when not in use could secure itself and allow the public to move through. The design was an exercise on simultaneity- to what extent does the public have a dialogue with this dynamic corner of downtown while fulfilling the client's needs? The architectural solution involves a disruption of the rigid urban footprint, dictated by a series of shearing elements that sweep across the lot to allow the public to flow in. The sheared planes allow for a module of sliding partitions to secure pinned programmatic volumes within and separate gathering spaces along them for a spectrum of instances between public and private gathering to exist. 

Graduate Studio III,  Fall 2018                                                                                                                        Critic: Barbara Ambach
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